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tech for better life in china

source: science and technology daily | 2022-10-12 16:51:06 | author: staff reporters

editor's note:

china has become a key contributor to world science and technology progress during the past decade. on the occasion of the 20th national congress of the communist party of china, science and technology daily has produced a 10-episode video series titled "tech for better life in china," to explore the country's efforts in the field of sci-tech development, its openness to international cooperation, and the contributions to social progress.

china adheres to the people-centered approach and the new development philosophy of innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development on the way to sci-tech prosperity. in this series, invited experts from different countries discuss china's landmark achievements.

admirable achievements in space exploration

claude nicollier, a swiss astronaut at the european space agency, thinks highly of china's achievements in space exploration, and expressed his hope for future bilateral cooperation on space at the sino-swiss space science and technology cooperation online meeting held on june 30.

nicollier recalled his mission to repair the hubble space telescope in 1993 and discussed how the space journey has given him a completely new perspective about life on earth. "i have an enormous respect for the achievements in space utilization and space exploration," said nicollier when talking of china's space flights.

crucial role of china's vaccines in tough period

official data shows that china has provided two billion doses of covid-19 vaccines to more than 120 countries and international organizations for the global covid -19 response.

dr. seth berkley, the ceo of gavi, said almost 228 million doses of chinese covid-19 vaccines have reached 50 countries, becoming particularly crucial in 2021 when global vaccine supplies were particularly tight.

china can play a major role, continuously contributing to financing, technical assistance, and helping with vaccine supply, said berkley.

rural development: the china way works

from poverty alleviation to rural revitalization, what is the secret of china's success?

michael hermann, china representative of humana people to people, said china's efforts on alleviating poverty is an actual achievement and not just a slogan.

having been in china for 17 years, this german said that it is a combination of extensive initiatives, such as establishing e-commerce stations and launching loan support for rural residents, as well as the chinese government's comprehensive planning and the joint efforts of society and individuals, that make china succeed.

smart construction creates green life

what is the latest trend in the construction industry? luc taerwe, member of royal flemish academy of belgium and chair professor at tongji university, said in a recent interview that there is a trend to move from classical construction, which is very labor intensive, to smart construction in recent years.

he added that with high-level experimental facilities, china is at the forefront of the development of new and advanced building materials and construction techniques, which contributes toward global carbon reduction. moreover, he applauded china's efforts made in investing in new housing projects during the last decades.

digital tech empowers cultural heritage

pronkina olga, a professor at gansu university of political science and law, has lived in china for 13 years. recently, she applauded digital technology's role in empowering cultural heritage protection. she believes that the application of digital technology is also an effective means to protect the mogao grottoes.

at the same time, as an educator, olga noted that the quality of education in china is constantly improving. "china's educational achievements will certainly bring good experiences to the world, especially to the countries along the belt and road, which will bring high-tech support to improve their educational conditions."

china contributes to african food security

enock chikava, interim director of agricultural development at the bill & melinda gates foundation, said china has made compelling achievements in agriculture over the past 40 years and its experience is worthy of promotion in a recent interview.

chikava spoke highly of china's agricultural research and development extension system, saying it helps improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural production and offers valuable reference for african countries.

furthermore, he highlighted that carrying out cooperative projects in this field with china will help them cope with food security challenges.

effective policies sustain green development

tara joensuu, a finnish/american expat, has been living and working in shijiazhuang, hebei province, since 2014.

in 2021, joensuu established osa greentech in shijiangzhuang, mainly focusing on promoting technologies and expertise exchanges between europe and china in the green technology sector.

in a recent interview, she was impressed by the fact of, "how policies drive the development of the country and direction of business so evidently." in addition, as a professional working in the environmental sector, joensuu applauded the improvement of air quality in hebei, a famous steel production province in china.

tech transforms rural life in china

brian linden established the linden center in 2008 to preserve china's cultural resources and present a real and vivid china to the world. recently, based on his experiences in china, he said science and technology have made an important contribution to the development of rural china. linden highlighted the role of the 5g network in empowering people's life and giving people much easier access to products around the globe. at the same time, he lauded china's progress in infrastructure, such as the construction of highways and high-speed railways, connecting chinese people, even those living in remote villages, with the rest of the world.

global exchanges facilitate talent cultivation in xinjiang

"i was impressed by [the] major investment that chinese authorities are making to support students," philippe de maeyer, an emeritus senior professor at ghent university, and visiting professor at the xinjiang institute of ecology and geography (xieg) of chinese academy of sciences (cas), told s&t daily. he believes it is an investment in young people's future, and promotes the exchanges of different cultures. global exchanges facilitate talent cultivation in xinjiang autonomous region. between 2016 and 2021, more than 15 students, funded by the china scholarship council and cas, completed the double phd degree in collaboration between the xieg and ghent university.

china strives to promote more females in science

dr. marie-luce chevalier is a geologist who has worked as a research professor at the institute of geology of the chinese academy of geological sciences in beijing since 2010. chevalier has spent almost 20 years studying the active faults on the qinghai-xizang plateau. she noted  xizang autonomous region provides her with "amazing experiences and good memories." although conducting geological research outdoors can be very demanding and challenging, chevalier said she didn't see any disadvantage as a female researcher working in the field. she also highlighted that china has recently been actively trying to promote more women in scientific research.

editor: 毕炜梓

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