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beijing making metaverse experience into reality

source: science and technology daily | 2022-09-15 10:14:17 | author: chen chunyou

visitors at the metverse exhibition area of the 2022 china international fair for trade in services in beijing. (photo: vcg)

by chen chunyou

metaverse has become a focus of attention since 2021. currently, it is integrating with multiple industries, and has become an important force to reshape the global industrial structure and promote industrial development.

in order to achieve a systematic development in the metaverse industry and advance the integrated development between digital technology and real economy, a three-year action plan on metaverse was jointly issued by beijing's tongzhou district, which is also known as beijing municipal administrative center, and beijing's three other government departments this august.

according to this plan, within three years, tongzhou will be developed into a metaverse application demonstration area featuring culture and tourism. more than 100 metaverse industry chain enterprises and about 30 typical "metaverse " application scenario projects are to be introduced and cultivated.

research institutes and related enterprises at home and abroad are encouraged to set up joint branches in tongzhou, which are engaged in research of the basic theory, technology development and the popularization of research achievements concerning metaverse, said the plan, adding that these branches are expected to introduce innovation resources of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, cloud computing, 5g technology and information security.

tongzhou district will build a metaverse application innovation center and plan a batch of thematic parks featuring metaverse demonstration applications, exhibitions and experiences.

enterprises located at the metaverse application innovation center will get rental subsidies. the financial organizations in tongzhou district are also encouraged to offer financing services for qualified enterprises. for talented individuals, who work in the area, public rental housing and children's schooling endorsement will be available.

research teams owning internationally leading technologies or independent intellectual property rights are also welcome. they will get support in the commercialization of their research achievements.

the plan promotes implementation of brand upgrades to create characteristic scenes such as cultural tourism, urban construction, and virtual life.

universities, institutions, enterprises and think tanks will be united as an alliance to advance the formulation and implementation of related standards on the next generation internet, technologies and products. meanwhile, metaverse forums, summits, and exhibitions will help the regional brand popularization.

in addition, the connection will be strengthened between tongzhou district and three other county-level regions of hebei province, including sanhe, dachang and xianghe, in metaverse industry and urban digital scenarios, according to the plan.

editor: 陈春有

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