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rapid growth of miot goes mainstream

source: 科技日报 | 2023-02-09 09:59:14 | author: 林雨晨

the intelligent expressway from pingjiang to yiyang in hunan province applied advanced technologies including big data, iot and ai. (photo: xinhua)

by lin yuchen

china's mobile internet of things (miot) connections increased to 1.84 billion at the close of 2022, accounting for more than 70 percent of global miot connections, according to the ministry of industry and information technology (miit).

over 52 percent of chinese mobile connections are now miot terminals, which cover many fields of application such as the internet of vehicles, smart retail, as well as extending to other fields such as intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics.

"we will accelerate development of the internet of things and build an efficient and smooth logistics system to help cut distribution costs. we will accelerate the development of the digital economy, further integrate it with the real economy, and build internationally competitive digital industry clusters," said the report to the 20th cpc national congress.

the miot app users of four application categories have now respectively reached over 10 million, namely water metering, smoke detecting, gas metering, and tracking and location devices, while in other seven categories such as white goods and street lights, the app users exceeded 1 million.

during 2022, over 87,000 mobile communication base stations were constructed in china. by the end of the year, their total number exceeded 10.8 million, among which about 21 percent were 5g base stations.

according to officials at miit, by 2035, china's miot will achieve deep coverage for key scenarios, form a basic network with fixed -mobile integration and wide-narrow combination, and accelerate the synergistic integration of miot technology and thousands of industries.

editor: 王晓夏

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