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weekly review (feb 2 - 8)

source: 科技日报 | 2023-02-09 09:59:15 | author: 卢子建

view of yinghu lake in ankang, shaanxi provincealong themiddle route of china'ssouth-to-north water diversion project. (photo: xinhua)

60 billion cubic meters water diverted by mega project

china's south-to-north water diversion project had diverted 60 billion cubic meters of water by february 5 via its eastern and middle routes. the project began operation in 2014 and benefits over 150 million people along the routes.

large single-capacity offshore wind power project begins construction

with a total installed capacity of 400 mw, china's first large-scale offshore wind turbine project with a single capacity of 16 megawatts commenced on february 4. the facility will generate over 1.6 billion kwh of electricity annually after completion, saving 500,000 tons of standard coal every year.

super cows cloned via somatic cell nuclear transfer in china

three cloned "super cows" were born in ningxia hui autonomous region recently. it was the first successful attempt by chinese scientists to conduct such clone. a cloned cow can produce 18 metric tons of milk per year after reaching maturity.

university-owned icebreaker completes trial

owned by sun yat-sen university, the icebreaker named "zhong shan da xue ji di" successfully conducted its maiden trial recently at the ice sea area of liaodong bay in the bohai sea. it is china's first university-owned icebreaker and third polar icebreaker after xuelong-2 and xuelong.

editor: 王晓夏

top news

  • chinese companies showed a high level of innovation at the consumer electronics show (ces) held in las vegas, between january 5 and 8, by incorporating new technologies and designs in their products, allowing for a wider range of applications.

china, lac countries deepen cooperation on innovation

technical cooperation between china and latin america and the caribbean (lac) countries has yielded fruitful results, not only in agriculture, but also in clean energy, space science and public health.

itif: china overtaking u.s. in innovation capacity

china has surpassed the u.s. in total innovation output and is getting close on a proportional basis.