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2022top 10 sci-tech achievements in china & world

source: 科技日报 | 2022-12-29 10:50:38 | author: 科技日报

aerial view of china's fast telescope. (photo: xinhua)

despite the continuous covid-19 pandemic, the scientists and researchers have made so many achievements in 2022 that promoted global development. the editors at s&t daily managed to reach consensus on the following accomplishments (in chronological order) as their pick of this year.

top 10 sci-tech achievements in china in 2022

1. transistor with sub-1-nm gate length made with graphene

2. carbon dioxide compounded to glucose and fatty acids

3. fast discovers first persistently active repeating fast radio burst

4. china's third aircraft carrier the fujian launched

5. new world record created in steady high magnetic field

6. new lunar mineral changesite-(y) discovered

7. comprehensive solar probe kuafu-1, advanced space-based solar observatory, enters orbit

8. education, sci-tech and talent emphasized in the report to 20th cpc national congress

9. mengtian lab module, last part of china space station, successfully launched

10. perennial rice successfully bred in yunnan

top 10 sci-tech achievements in the world in 2022

1. first pig-to-human heart transplant achieved

2. james webb space telescope images reveal early universe

3. amino acids identified for the first time on an asteroid/outside the earth

4. clearest evidence for the existence of tetraneutron, the four-neutron state, obtained

5. artificial intelligence developed to design protein structures, paint and chat

6. world's first synthetic embryo cultured through only stem cells

7. asteroid dimorphos' orbit successfully changed after being hit by nasa spacecraft

8. mengtian lab module, last part of china space station, successfully launched

9. quantum computing research further advanced with achievements from wormhole simulation to teleportation

10. first scientific energy breakeven realized via fusion ignition

editor: 王晓夏

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