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weekly review (october 27-december 2)

source: 科技日报 | 2022-11-03 09:55:29 | author: 卢子建

more effective wind turbine set rolls off assembly line

led by china huaneng group, a new set of 2.7 mw wind turbines was produced on october 30. it is the first time that such turbine set adopted a tandem double turbine structure. with the same capacity, the cost drops by 10 percent and utility rate of wind energy increases by 15 percent when compared with that of a single turbine.

china lays in -situ scientific experiment station in deep sea

an in -situ scientific experiment station that can conduct unmanned scientific research in deep sea has been deployed recently by chinese researchers according to the chinese academy of sciences. it brings one step closer to realize long - period unmanned research in the deep sea.

risk of dementia and ad to be predicted 5 years in advance

researchers from huashan hospital and fudan university developed a ml-based ukb-drp model that incorporated ten easily accessible predictors with solid predictive power for incident dementia and alzheimer's disease (ad) within five years, or even longer, which can be used to identify individuals at high risk of dementia and ad in the general population.

maiden flight of a uav with four engines successful

a domestically developed large unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with four engines recently completed its first flight without malfunction in southwest china's sichuan province. the uav has a larger loading space and capability, stronger electricity support, and higher system reliability and safety.

editor: 王晓夏

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most-esa dragon programme achieves fruitful results

from 16 in dragon 1 to 55 in dragon 5, the number of cooperative research projects between china and europe in earth observation has been continually growing.

attracting global attention, benefiting the world

on october 27, a group of scholars and experts from around the world visited the forging ahead in the new era exhibition.