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weekly review(october 20-26)

source: science and technology daily | 2022-10-27 10:03:51 | author: staff reporters

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chang'e-5 reveals how moon volcanism takes place

through the samples collected by chang'e -5, researchers from the chinese academy of sciences produced a new model explaining how young lunar volcanism is generated. the study, published in science advances on october 22, could help planetary scientists better understand the moon's thermal and magmatic evolution.

environmental-friendly oil tanker unveils

the 300,000-tons oil tanker new aden, equipped with the second-generation canvas control system, is delivered recently and estimated to reduce oil consumption by about 9.8 percent for one ocean route. the canvas system was developed by chinese researchers and marks a milestone in the development of environmental-friendly oil tanker.

new-gen artificial sun makes breakthrough

china national nuclear corporation announces on october 19 that china's new-generation artificial sun has set a new record domestically with plasma current exceeding one million amperes. the breakthrough marks an important step towards fusion ignition in china's nuclear fusion research and development.

test of vacuum liquid oxygen-methane rocket engine completes

the test of china's largest-thrust vacuum liquid oxygen-methane engine has been met with success, according to the chinese private rocket company landspace on october 20. the engine will be used as the second-stage main engine for the second batch of the company's zq-2 rocket, which can carry a payload of at least 6 tons to low-earth orbit.

editor: 林雨晨

top news

most-esa dragon programme achieves fruitful results

from 16 in dragon 1 to 55 in dragon 5, the number of cooperative research projects between china and europe in earth observation has been continually growing.

attracting global attention, benefiting the world

on october 27, a group of scholars and experts from around the world visited the forging ahead in the new era exhibition.