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the introduction of the international union for science and technology communication

source: 科技日报| 2020-04-14 10:13:59| author: 国际科技传播联盟

the international union for science and technology communication(iustc) is the first platform with the mission ofinternational dissemination for science and technology”initiated by science and technology daily in 2018. its establishment aims at improving the efficiency of sci-tech information dissemination, promoting the global sci-tech communication and cooperation, and severing as an unified platform for the global release and exchange of the latest sci-tech news. in addition, the iustc members will also use their media responsibility to promote international cooperation in the field of science, technology and innovation.

up until now, 12 worldwide member units have joined the union,covering the mainstream media, science and technology think tanks and international organizations in the us, uk, japan and somebelt and roadcountries such as russia, israel, south korea, south africa, ukraine and laos, etc. specifically, it includes sputnik(russia), prnewswire(us), the royal society(uk), japan science and technology agency(japan),joongang ilbo(korea),uryadovy kuryer(ukraine),south africa agency for science and technology advancement(south africa),vientiane times(laos), and international center for genetic engineering and biotechnology(united nation) etc.

the daily working mechanism of theunion is as follows:

1.the internationalized dissemination of manuscript:exchanging themanuscripts (mainly in chinese and english)online every week.

2.the sci-tech innovation communication projects: carrying out some offline events such as joint interviews, forums and exhibitions with foreign member units.

in the future,under the premise of all iustc members should fully respect to each others editing independence, the iustc will sincerely keep inviting world well-know news media, think tanks and organizations to join the union.






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