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more highly skilled professionals anticipated in china

source: science and technology daily | 2022-10-20 09:39:47 | author: zhong jianli

the 2022 worldskills competition special edition goyang is held from october 12 to 17 in south korea. six professionals from the chinese team win three gold medals and one bronze medal at the competition. (photo: xinhua)

by zhong jianli

chinese authorities have released a guideline on developing an optimized talent cultivation system for highly skilled professionals (hsps), who are of great importance for the country to enhance its sci-tech innovation capacity and core competitiveness.

titled opinions on strengthening the development of highly skilled professionals in the new era, the guideline was released by the general office of the cpc central committee and the general office of the state council.

the goal is that by the end of the 14th five-year plan period (2021-2025), a more complete and improved system should be established for the development of hsps, and the number of hsps should account for one-third of the total experts.

to realize the goal, a system that combines the efforts of society and the government should be established, in which industry, enterprises and vocational schools should play their due role.

enterprises are encouraged to include the training of hsps into their overall development plans, and develop more highly skilled professionals through the enterprise training center, hsp training base, craftsman's studio, and online learning platform.

the guideline calls for more efforts to nurture hsps who are urgently needed. focusing on building a digital china, actions should be taken to establish pilot zones for training digital experts, and set up training bases to improve people's digital literacy and skills. centering on the rural revitalization strategy, plans are to cultivate rural artisans so as to protect and pass on traditional skills.

it is necessary to establish a hsps pool by making use of new-generation information technologies, such as big data and cloud computing, according to the document.

international hsp exchanges and cooperation are also encouraged. skillful young students and graduates should be supported to participate in relevant international internship exchange programs, in order to promote mutual learning with other countries.

editor: 钟建丽

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