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expanding one-stop government services through digitalization

source: science and technology daily | 2022-10-20 09:32:20 | author: zhong jianli

a man handles services through aself-service devicein henan province. (photo: vcg)

by staff reporters

to upgrade government services, the state council will promote one-stop government services for enterprises and individuals, according to a circular issued in early october.

services that used to require multiple visits to multiple departments are now expected to be handled at one time. by the end of 2022, all local governments are expected to establish coordinated and integrated working mechanisms throughout their departments, the circular said.

by the end of 2025, it is planned to expand the coverage of one-stop services in all localities, by which time, more one-stop services are to be provided to enterprises and individuals.

for enterprises, items related to the starting of a business, permits for business operation, employee recruitment, and real estate registration should be accessed on a one-stop basis.

for individuals, one-stop services should be provided for newborn registrations, education, employment, marriage and childbirth, medication, assistance to people facing difficulties, ownership transfer of secondhand houses, and retirement of enterprise employees.

relevant procedures will be scientifically designed, and a set of standards and guidelines will be formulated and published, so as to improve the one-stop services model, the circular noted.

the application procedure will also be streamlined. the application materials needed in one-stop services will be simplified by combining multiple forms and sharing data among various digital systems.

more work is also required to improve the online service platforms and offline comprehensive service windows. local governments need to employ the national integrated government service platform to enhance interconnection of related online service systems.

at the same time, efforts will be intensified to develop mobile service platforms, such as apps and mini-programs, so that enterprises and individuals can access related services more conveniently by themselves.

the efficiency of producing certificates will be improved. more digital notices of outcome documents and certifications are expected to be sent to applicants.

editor: 钟建丽

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