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green roadmap laid out for civil aviation industry

source: science and technology daily | 2022-10-20 09:11:00 | author: li linxu

by li linxu

as part of its effort to green and low-carbon transformation, china's civil aviation industry attaches great importance to innovation-driven green development.

building a platform for sci-tech innovation is listed as one of the ten key actions for green development recently rolled out by civil aviation administration of china (caac).

besides sci-tech innovation, development of decarbonization roadmaps, construction of policy and standard systems, and talent cultivation for green aviation, are high on the list, according to 2022 china civil aviation green development policy and action.

deployment of clean energy, airport area air and water quality improvement, and proactive participation in global governance on aviation and environment are also on the list.

featuring green development actions, progress and experiences of china's civil aviation industry, the document has been submitted to the international civil aviation organization.

in 2021, china's civil aviation fuel consumption per ton kilometre was 0.309 kg, with accumulative reduction of 400 million tons of co2 emissions compared with that of 2000, said caac.

the c919, china's first homegrown large jetliner. (photo: xinhua)

by 2025, caac is targeting a fuel consumption per ton kilometre of 0.293 kg and carbon emission per ton kilometre of 0.886 kg.

by 2035, carbon neutral growth for flight emissions is expected to be achieved, and more international cooperation on green aviation will be carried out, said caac.

statistics show that in 2021, the total transportation turnover of china's civil aviation reached 85.67 billion ton kilometre, with a fleet of 4,054 aircrafts in service.

china's civil aviation industry strives to reduce carbon emission intensity and enhance the role of sci-tech innovation, said caac, vowing that it will actively promote the application of new technologies, such as clean energy utilization, smart energy management system, and new air traffic control technology.

editor: 李林旭

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