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first stem cell int'l standard safeguards human health

source: science and technology daily | 2022-10-13 09:44:24 | author: chen chunyou

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by chen chunyou

the world's first stem cell international standard, led by china, was published on september 24.

the document, called iso 24603 requirements for human and mouse pluripotent stem cells, listed regulations for cultivating and using human and mouse pluripotent stem cells. it specifies their biological property and the requirements for their quality control, information management and transportation, which will provide strong support for technological innovation in stem cells and the development of related industries.

iso 24603, co-formulated by china, japan, germany, italy, uk and the u.s., is the first stem-cell-related standard of the international organization for standardization.

according to ji weizhi, academician of the chinese academy of sciences, iso 24603 is a landmark achievement. this shows that china's basic research and methodological and technological research in this field play a significant role in the world.

in recent years, china has released a series of supporting policies on stem cells. for example, the 14th five-year plan for bioeconomic development issued this may specified many regulations on stem cell treatment, which has created a good environment for stem cell research and industrial development, said qin yan, researcher at the institute of biophysics, chinese academy of sciences.

stem cell research, as a frontier field of biotechnology, has promoted rapid development of regenerative medicine, which is another medical revolution after drug therapy and surgery, said qin.

a stem cell has super regenerative capacity. it can replicate in large quantities rapidly, and differentiate into mature cells with functions, helping the body to maintain vitality and repair damage. qin said research in this field can provide potential solutions for neurological diseases and anti-aging, and provide new materials and possibilities for organ regeneration and transplantation medicine.

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