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international experts share views on china's progress

source: science and technology daily | 2022-11-03 10:22:37 | author: staff reporters

international experts visit the exhibition on china's achievements of the past decade at the beijing exhibition hall in beijing, on october 27. (photo: science and technology daily)

by staff reporters

china's development in economy, politics and people's livelihoods is without precedent, robert walker, professor at beijing normal university, told science and technology daily on october 27.

walker made the comment while visiting the exhibition on china's achievements of the past decade, along with many other international experts who work and live in the country. they are impressed with china's progress in science and technology, and expressed willingness for more exchanges and cooperation.

in many sectors, china is making impressive advances, such as the 5g communication technology which brings much convenience to daily life, said juan cano sanchiz, associate professor from university of science and technology beijing. as an archaeologist, he told us that digital technology and robots are also changing the way people approach archaeology.

for ross mitchell, a u.s. geologist now working for institute of geology & geophysics, chinese academy of sciences (iggcas), he was excited to see the great findings that iggcas made with lunar soil samples brought back by the chang'e-5 mission. impressed with the great progress china has made on moon and mars explorations, mitchell would like to see more cooperation between china and the u.s. in the fields of space exploration.

with regard for the people, technology makes it possible to achieve poverty alleviation and improve living standards of individuals in china, said walker, adding that, "technology is awesome, but it seems to me that the technology is meaningless without a focus on the people."

thanks to the technology, people living in the rural areas can have access to more resources like electricity, water, infrastructure, said eduardo alberto verástegui, professor at university of international business and economics, who also recognized china's efforts in controlling the covid-19 pandemic with technology.

talking about the belt and road initiative, china has provided extraordinary opportunity for other countries to benefit from its progress, said mark levine, professor at minzu university of china.

"we have to rethink the way that we govern the world. china's vision at least gives us the potential to think about the world, as well to think about processes of how we decide our future, and then how we build it," said walker.

editor: 王晓夏

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