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cpc national congress obtains favorable reception

source: science and technology daily | 2022-10-27 15:00:23 | author: qi liming

digital interpretation of the 20th national congress of the communist party of china. (photo: s&t daily)

edited by qi liming

the 20th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc) opened in beijing on october 16, xi jinping delivered a report to the congress on behalf of the 19th cpc central committee.

many countries extended their congratulations, saying china's experience is worth learning from, as it has injected consistent and stable impetus to global development.

letters from socialist countries congratulate the 20th cpc national congress

according to granma, cuba's leading newspaper, on the occasion of the celebration of the 20th cpc national congress, the central committee of the communist party of cuba (pcc) sent a congratulatory message to the cpc, stressing the great significance of the momentous event.

"we are glad to see that the cpc is able to lead the people in safeguarding national sovereignty, independence and unity, in building the economic development of a socialist country and in consolidating china as a factor of global stability and balance," the letter said.

it went on to say that relations between the two parties will continue to be a pillar and an important part of cuba-china relations. the pcc believes that china, under the leadership of the cpc, will add new impetus to all progressive causes in the world.

the central committee of the communist party of vietnam (cpv) also sent a message of congratulations to the central committee of the cpc on its' 20th national congress through vietnamplus.

"vietnam and china are two close neighbors. both the cpv and the cpc are leading the cause of doi moi (renewal), door-opening reform and socialist building in our respective countries. we consistently attach importance to and are ready to, together with the communist party of china, state and people, make unceasing efforts to consolidate and lift the friendly neighborliness and comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between vietnam and china to a new stage of development, meeting the aspirations and essential interests of the two countries' people and for peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and the world."

best wishes from bri countries

according to the the star, the second largest economy in the world has invested heavily in many developing countries, and is continually increasing these investments at both bilateral and multilateral levels.

continental partnerships between china and the continents of asia and africa, the china-asean cooperation and the forum on china-africa cooperation have positively impacted the social and economic lives of both these regions and their people.

lucio blanco pitlo iii, a research fellow at the asia-pacific pathways to progress foundation, said that china is a more stable international actor, especially in the eyes of the belt and road initiative (bri) participating countries. this is in contrast to rivals that are more susceptible to policy disruptions or swings after periodic elections or abrupt leadership changes. at a time when geopolitics are in flux, china's stability may have far more appeal.

the bri projects have continued to be rolled out even at the height of covid-19, most notably in southeast asia. this was while investments elsewhere suffered contractions due to disruptions brought on by the pandemic.

unremitting contribution to global stability and livelihood

south africa's president cyril ramaphosa said in the africa report that the cpc is a model for its south african brothers. "the way china has developed tells us how they have managed to lift ordinary people out of poverty. and that is one of the african national congress' (south africa's governing party) aspirations," he said.

stephen ndegwa, the executive director of south-south dialogues, said that china's highly efficient and homegrown political and governance structures have withstood the test of time and delivered for its citizens. they are a testament of their resilience and integrity, which have in turn become a role model for developing countries still struggling to get a foothold in the current unfair geopolitical dispensation.

china has also started initiatives that will, in the near future, become instrumental in creating global stability. both the global development initiative (gdi) and the global security initiative (gsi) have received massive and unequivocal support from the global community. the united nations has expressed its willingness to support gdi in helping the achievement of the international body's sustainable development goals.

editor: 汤哲枭

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