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  • international experts share views on china's progress

    they are impressed with china's progress in science and technology, and expressed willingness for more exchanges and cooperation.

  • ciie epitomizes china's pursuit of high-quality opening up

    five years on, the evolution of the ciie is a shining example of china's continued opening-up, and a reflection of the shared opportunities and win -win cooperation for businesses from around the world.

  • fast advances universe exploration

    the five-hundred-meter aperture spherical radio telescope (fast), dubbed china sky eye, recently captured the biggest atomic gas structure ever found in the universe, opening the door to further our understanding of universe gas evolution.

  • beidou navigates global benefits

    beidou is the fourth largest global navigation satellite system after u.s. gps, russia's glonass and the eu's galileo.

  • better environment, better life

    respecting, adapting to, and protecting nature is essential for building china into a modern socialist country in all respects, xi jinping said at the opening session of the 20th national congress of the communist party of china on october 16.

  • first int'l standard on automated driving led by china

    the first china-led international standard for autonomous driving test scenarios, titled iso 34501: 2022 road vehicles—test scenarios for automated driving systems—vocabulary, was released this october.

  • pan-genome dataset advances silkworm research

    chinese scientists have recently constructed the world's first silkworm pan-genome dataset and digital gene bank, which may invigorate global silkworm research and improve silkworm breeding, according to southwest university.

  • chasing the sun: china's solar exploration marks new milestone

    having reaped significant rewards over the past decade, china's space exploration moves toward the sun.

  • ultrahigh altitude pv project empowers green economy

    the world's first ultrahigh altitude photovoltaic project has seen its first unit connected to the grid and began generating electricity on october 14, which is expected to promote the green transformation of local energy consumption and economic development.

  • technology provides easier access to legal services

    over the past decade, people's courts have utilized information technologies to facilitate the construction of smart courts, so as to satisfy the diversified judicial needs of the public, according to the supreme people's court of china (spc).

  • tongjiyan irrigation system remains active after 1000 years

    tongjiyan irrigation system (tongjiyan), located at lishui city, zhejiang province and built in 505 ad, is one of the oldest large-scale water conservancy projects in china. the entire irrigation system, together with its inscriptions, is a precious source for studying ancient water conservancy projects.

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most-esa dragon programme achieves fruitful results

from 16 in dragon 1 to 55 in dragon 5, the number of cooperative research projects between china and europe in earth observation has been continually growing.

attracting global attention, benefiting the world

on october 27, a group of scholars and experts from around the world visited the forging ahead in the new era exhibition.